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Let’s get started on your designing your landscape or garden!

This is our chance to get to know each other and learn about your project. It’s completely complimentary and you can decide if you’d like to work with us. Simply get in touch and we’ll arrange to catch up at your place to discuss your garden project. It’s great if you have ideas already but if not, that’s okay, we have plenty.

We’ll talk budget, your timeline and the services we think will fit your needs. We’ll also answer any questions you have about our company, our capabilities, and our plan for your dream garden. Following the initial meeting you’ll get a detailed brief setting out your options, what work is included and our fees. Sound good?


A blueprint of form and function is a great way to understand your garden’s potential. This may be the first or only plan you need to solidify your garden ideas. If your thumbs are as green as our landscapers’, we’ll create a uniquely beautiful garden design concept for you to implement.

Design concepts or ‘bubble diagrams’ as they are also called, show general layout only. If you want detail (e.g. planting arrangement) or plan to have the garden design professionally installed, design concepts will be your first step. We’ll draw up two (2) concepts based on what we learn about you and your garden. Then we work with you to refine your options into a preferred design concept.


With your design concept decided, we move into the detail of your landscape design. Understanding your plant and material preferences to fit your property and lifestyle. We check in with you early with a draft of our landscape plan and mood board and talk through any changes you want to make. Our designs are created using professional software (SketchUP) for accuracy.

Our Basic Package includes all top-down plans needed for construction. You’ll get a layout with all necessary measurements, planting and lighting arrangements and canopy outline showing the position of all trees. You’ll also get a full colour masterplan of your new garden design (its artsy) and a schedule of plants and materials.


This is our full design service package. That means you get all the things from the basic package plus elevations and 3D landscape design images to help you visualise your new garden before the build. Our complete package will also help you budget for your new garden design with plant and material cost estimates.

If you are thinking about doing the work in stages, we can help you decide where to start and the best way to roll out your plan too. Thinking ahead our complete package also includes a garden care manual tailored to your unique design and plant selection. This document will give you everything you need to know about your new garden and how to take care of it.


Sometimes you need a little extra. 3D plans are a great way to visualise your garden design before the build. Many people find the added perspectives helpful especially when trying to understand the detail of our designs. If you what to keep things simple with the basic landscape design package but still want your plan to jump off the page 3D images are the way to go.

We construct highly detailed and realistic 3D images. With this bolt service on you will also get plan elevations showing level, plants and structure height variations. Included is two (2) vistas and two (2) elevations per designed area.


Peace of mind is knowing your new garden design will fit your budget. We can provide RRP cost estimates of all raw materials selected for your garden design. Offered to you as a bolt on service for the basic landscape design package. The estimate will list unit costs of all plants and materials, recommend plant pots sizes and brand/supplier details.

Perfect for if you are feeling up to the task of building the garden yourself. We will also give you expert tips for sourcing plants and materials to help you manage your budget.