Frequently Asked Questions

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To help you get to know us a little better we have answered some questions we get asked a lot below. If there is anything else you need help with, please Contact Us we’d be so happy to hear from you.


How far will you travel to see me?

We’re based near Mount Lawley and cover most of the Perth Metropolitan Area. We take the nature of the project into account and will travel further away if possible. Feel free to ring for a chat and you’ll get a straight answer.

How much do you charge?

Our fees depend on the size and complexity of your project. We always make our fees clear and what you get for the fees before we start a project. Importantly, we do not take commission from any sub-contractors we recommend so they will always give you their best price.

How long does the whole process take for the garden design?

Once you have accepted our fee proposal the landscape design process can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks depending on the scope of works and our discussions along the way. This timeline can be stretched if council approval is needed.

I don’t think I need a full design, are there any other options?

If you’re happy with your garden, or not in a position to spend a chunk of money on it right now but need some guidance we have many other services that still allow you to work with our landscape design team. Take a closer look at Our Services.

Do you design pools and pool landscaping?

Absolutely! We can design all aspects to do with pools, from its positioning and shape to plating schemes that help manage pool maintenance.

We only have a small outdoor area; do you do small garden design?

Bring it on. We love the challenge that designing in small spaces brings. Balancing all the elements is a fine art and we love getting creative with all sorts of small gardens. Balconies, courtyards, atriums or even a room in your house.

We are looking for a low maintenance and water wise garden, can you help?

Of course! We advocate for water conservation and would be delighted to talk with you about low maintenance low water use gardens. Please be aware that while there are design tips and tricks to keep your garden low maintenance, there is no such thing as a ‘no maintenance’ garden.

Vertical gardens

Yes, we are happy to advise and design a vertical garden for you.


Can you install my garden design?

Yes, of course. Yours, ours or another garden designer. We will happily install any garden because we love making the world a greener place. As long as you have accurate and detailed plans we can install any garden design.

Do you build decks, retaining walls and fencing?

If it is meant for the outdoors, we can build it. Our designers can help you decide what structures and materials are best and our builders will bring it to life.

Do you install pools?

As this is a specialised trade requiring specialised skills we work closely with pool contractors, but do not install pools directly ourselves.


Why should I use TGC to maintain my garden design?

The short answer, we know what we are doing. If you have had your garden designed by us we also know how the garden was meant to grow into maturity.

Will you look after my garden if you did not design or install it?

Yes of course. We are completely inclusive and always happy to meet new people and care for their gardens.

Will you come out for a one-off visit?

Sure we can. We are always happy to help you out on an as-need basis. Whatever you need. Complete garden clean-up to get your place ready for an event, sale or renting.

How often is your regular service cycle?

We go by the seasons. Generally speaking your garden will need more attention during the warmer months when everything is growing, and less in the colder months. Every garden is different but as a guide fortnightly in the summer and monthly in the winter.

We only need a lawn mowing service, are you able to look after just my lawn?

Absolutely! Lawn mowing and rejuvenation is one of our specialties. We can offer anything from a one-off mow to a complete lawn care package where we will also regularly feed, diagnose problems and treat weeds.