5 Ways To Transform Your Backyard Into a Breathtaking Entertaining Area

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Now we can feel the warmth of spring and there are blossoms around every corner, it’s time to get your garden organised and ready for the entertaining season. There’s a few key ways you can create a welcoming and pleasant environment for your guests.

We’ve compiled our top five ways for you to transform your backyard into an enjoyable entertaining area. Whether you have a large outdoor area or a cosy patio, we hope you can gain some inspiration from these great ideas. 

1. Vines

An open metal or wooden frame with sweeping vines is a simple and effective way to create a stylish outdoor entertainment area that people will love to dine under. 

2. Lights

Create an enchanted evening experience with outside solar fairy lights or lanterns. Another great way to create a nice atmosphere is with fire pits. All while keeping your guests warm once the sun goes down. 

3. Greenery

With new plant and flower growth happening in spring it’s a great opportunity to decorate your entertainment space with a range of colourful plants. We suggest lining and hanging your outdoor pathways and window sills with pots of herbs, flowers and greenery. This effective way of decorating can create an attractive and lush outdoor space. 

4. Poolside Bench

If you have a pool and like to have everyone over on a sunny day to sip on margaritas and snack on cheese boards, then we suggest incorporating a simple wooden poolside bench into your area. This bench can be used for multiple different things such as a side table, food buffet or towel holder. Another great addition to your outdoor entertainment space. 

5. Lounging

The best entertainment areas are made up of multiple seats. We recommend mixing things up by adding different seating arrangements. For example, incorporating an armchair, swinging chair, stool, bench or a day bed filled with pillows to keep your guests relaxed and entertained.