Petscaping Your Garden

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As a pet owner, you’ve probably found yourself worrying more than you ever anticipated prior to bringing your furry friend home. There are many things impacting the health and happiness of our littlest family members, especially those who are ‘outside only’ pets. At The Greenscape Collective we believe in “petscaping” gardens. What do we mean? Creating gardens which are as blissful and fun for pets as they are for us. 

First Things First: Fencing! 

If you’re a dog owner, you’ll be looking for a fence that’s considerably taller than your dog and with minimal gaps. For smaller dogs, fences should be at least 1.2 metres tall and for taller and especially athletic dogs, they should be around 1.8 metres tall.

With cats, it’s a little more complex. If your cat is usually an indoor cat but you’d like them to enjoy your garden with you, consider creating an enclosed cat run within your garden to keep them safe from harm. 

Planting A Garden for Pets 

Many common plants and flowers are toxic to pets, and can even be fatal. Before choosing what you’d like to grow in your garden, make sure you do your research. 

Although pesticides can be beneficial for keeping creepy-crawlies away from your gardening, they can be harmful to pets and unless you can find a non-toxic alternative, we recommend avoiding pesticides.

Consider creating paths that pets can rest, play and walk on without any trouble. Paving blocks, gravel and straw are best for keeping paws comfortable and soft. 

If you’re looking to grow your own vegetables or herbs, make sure these are raised and enclosed away from pesky paws.  

If you’re ambitious or have a large garden that you’re hoping to flourish even with the addition of curious pets, consider having a space that is theirs to make their own by ensuring their toys and comforts such as pet beds are always returned to the same spot. 

Keep Your Pets Safe in the Shade 

An easy way to think about what your pet needs in your garden is to consider your own needs. When you’re out in the sun, you need water, sun protection and for your own safety, shade! This applies to your furry family, too. 

Your garden should have plenty of shady spots with fresh water available so that your pet can stay comfortable and hydrated in the shade.

Hoping to have a special water feature? If you’re a cat owner, this is great news for them! Cats often get dehydrated, but they are attracted to running water and enjoy interacting with it, and drinking from it. So, as long as the water is filtered correctly, this could be the perfect way to make your garden not only aesthetically beautiful but beneficial!

Last but Not Least

Remember that as well as enjoying laying in the garden, pets love to play and get a lot of stimulation from interactive play, especially outdoors. Kit your garden out with scratching posts, balls and even small treat-filled puzzles!

Make the most of the space you have with your pet by making it a safe, relaxing and even playful haven. Ensure that there are designated toilet areas and that these are private and easy to clean. 

Sharing your home and garden with a pet is great fun. The Greenscape Collective can help you with petscaping garden design, with our complimentary initial consultation. Get in touch to discuss.